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Fatal Medical Mistakes: Fatal Medical Mistakes and Deadly Hospital Errors Are A Leading Cause of Death and Becoming More Common by Fatal Medical Mistake Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Fatal Medical Mistakes: Fatal Medical Mistakes and Deadly Hospital Errors Are A Leading Cause of Death and Becoming More Common by Fatal Medical Mistake Lawyer Jason S. Coomer 

Fatal medical mistakes and hospital errors are a leading cause of death and becoming more common.  Families that have lost a loved one from a fatal medical mistake or deadly hospital error should obtain their loved one's medical records and make sure a proper investigation is made of the mistake.  A proper investigation or a fatal medical malpractice lawsuit can often ensure that a hospital corrects policies to avoid future similar fatal medical mistakes. 

For more information on fatal medical mistakes and hospital errors, please feel free to contact Fatal Mistake Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer.

Decreased Budget and Lack of Communication Can Cause Fatal Medical Mistakes

Unfortunately, medical mistakes happen when doctors and nurses get too busy, are understaffed, under the influence of drugs, or are just not paying attention.  As medical budgets go down and healing people becomes more of a "for profit" business, cost cutting measures are causing more medical mistakes.  Overworked doctors, residents, and nurses are much more likely to make mistakes than well rested health care professionals.

Medical mistakes also happen more often when no one is watching.  It is extremely important when you are in the hospital to have someone that is with you and watching out for your well being.  This is especially true if you have an allergy to certain types of medicines.  Communication with your health care professionals is also important and can greatly limit medical mistakes.

Preventing Fatal Medical Errors: It's Going to Be a Long, Hard Slog - CBS News

"Hospitals are dangerous places for patients, thanks to the generally underappreciated risks of infection and medical errors, which may claim almost 100,000 lives a year in the U.S. That's true even though the Institute of Medicine sounded the alarm more than a decade ago."

Medical radiation treatments fraught with technician error and fatal mishap, oversight questionable

"Medical radiation accidents are more common than you may think. Whether it's a software glitch or technician error, there are plenty of opportunities for a scan or treatment to go horribly wrong. And technologists are poorly regulated in a number of states, increasing the chances of a serious and potentially life-threatening mistake."

FIVE MYTHS ABOUT MEDICAL MALPRACTICE - five_myths_about_medical_negligence.pdf 

Myth #1: There are Too Many “Frivolous” Malpractice Lawsuits

Myth #2: Malpractice Claims Drive Up Health Care Costs

Myth #3: Doctors are Fleeing

Myth #4: Malpractice Claims Drive Up Doctors’ Premiums

Myth #5: Tort Reform will Lower Insurance Rates 

Severe brain damage and death can be caused by a lack of oxygen getting to the brain, a hemorrhage inside the brain, or damage to the skull.  When an improper combination of drugs is prescribed it can cause a patient to go into respiratory failure, this combined with improper monitoring of the patient can cause prolonged lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in permanent brain damage and even death.
These serious brain injuries can occur because of medical negligence when careless health care providers do not provide proper monitoring of patients, prescribe incorrect drug combinations, do not recognize fetal distress, or fail to recognize a patient has stopped breathing.  For this reason, it is important to have a person with HIPPA Authority, Medical Power of Attorney, and Limited Power of Attorney looking out for you or a loved one while they are in the hospital.

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